Our Menu

All menu items are 100% plant-based (vegan).


All pita wraps are served with tomato-cucumber salad (in the wrap), rich hummus, silky-smooth tahini sauce, and crunchy pickled red cabbage. Hot sauce is optional.

Falafel $9.50
A classic Middle Eastern wrap. Falafel made fresh to order

Shawarma $9.50
Oven roasted soy protein slices infused with warm Middle Eastern spices and flavours, served in a pita wrap with garlic sauce.

Eggplant $9.50
Roasted strips of eggplant and white lima beans, served in a pita wrap and topped with mango relish.

Mujadara $9.50
(Pronounced moo-jah-dah-rah)
A Good Lands Café twist on a popular Middle Eastern dish. Mujadara is a nutritious blend of lentils and rice seasoned with Middle Eastern spices and served in a pita wrap with carmelized onions.


Cosmic Cookies $1.50
The classic cookie taken to the next level. A little crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, with dark chocolate chips.


Coffee (Fresh brewed locally roasted) $2.00

Tea (black tea and herbal teas available) $2.00

Pop (San Pellegrino) $2.00